Support The Ministry

Camp Ara is supported by generous donors such as yourself. We are grateful for gifts of any amount. There are two types of giving to the Camp Ara ministry, one-time gifts and monthly support.    

There are also three easy ways to give, online, call 304-915-0060, or mail in a check or money order to:  Camp Ara 235 Glady Creek Road Fairmont, WV 26554

Camp Ara is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Receipts for donations are generated and distributed at the beginning of each year. One-Time Gifts These gifts support Camp Ara in many ways. All donations are accounted for through the non-profit board and specifically prayed over for their use. The ministry's value of being good stewards is significant to the well-being and operation of the camp. There is no minimum amount to give as 100% of the donations are used for the ministry.    Here are some examples of the current financial needs of the camp. These projects are listed in order of priority.

  • High Camp Cabin Sponsorship  -$3,500

There are 6 cabins at High Camp that are in desperate need of repair. Septic and water have already been repaired, and metal roofing has been donated for all High Camp cabins. The sponsorship will fund the remaining exterior repairs, bathrooms, and bunks on the inside. These cabins will be used for upcoming ministry groups, family rentals, and summer camp as some examples. The amount listed is for the complete repair and is not required to be met for a one-time gift. 

  • Mary Flemming Lodge Bathroom -$1,750

The second-largest lodge on the property has been in repair over the last two years. The current project is the bathroom to add toilets, a sink, and a shower. The project is half done and is awaiting further funding to complete. Kitchen (Double Deck, Full Size, LP, Convection Oven) -$5,999 The primary stove, water heater, ice maker, and commercial dishwasher have been repaired or replaced in the last two years. The double oven recently has been found to be unrepairable and needs to be replaced. When cooking for 50+ people, this oven is a must for a camp like this.

  • Storage Container -$4,250

With 21 structures on the campus, one would think that storage is not an issue.    Unfortunately, almost all of the buildings are entirely program space. Bunk rooms, dining hall, kitchen, and bathrooms make up most of the space in the buildings. We have found that the cheapest means to a storage answer is to bring in a 40' shipping container to house the program and seasonal supplies.

  • Wood-Mizer Saw Mill-$4,500

Wood-Mizer is supporting the non-profit ministry through a substantial donation of a portable sawmill for use on the property. Lumber for the mill will come from standing deadwood, selected trees with the assistance of the WV Forestry Department, and from already identified members of the community. This machine will drastically reduce the current expense of lumber for the continued maintenance, additions, and beautification of the campus. These funds will provide A lean-to structure for storage. Initial supply of blades and maintenance supplies. The remaining balance of the machine.

Monthly Support Regardless of monthly support or one-time gifts, all donations are accounted for and evaluated for use by the non-profit board and directors to ensure every dollar received is managed with the highest return to the ministry's mission. Here are some examples of what some monthly support amounts could support. (These are for example only. Any monthly amount would be greatly appreciated.)

  • 12 monthly gifts of $6.50 would provide 1 month's worth of gas for camp's lawncare

  • 12 monthly gifts of $12.50 would provide 1 month's supply for camp livestock care

  • 12 monthly gifts of $18.75 would provide a 1-week scholarship to day camp

  • 12 monthly gifts of 43.75 would provide a 1-week scholarship to overnight camp

  • 12 monthly gifts of $100.00 would provide 1 month's of average camp utilities

  • 12 monthly gifts of $145.83 would provide funding for our Mary Fleming Bathroom Project

  • 12 monthly gifts of $291.67 would provide funding for one High Camp Cabin Sponsorship

  • 12 monthly gifts of $354.17 would provide funding for one Storage Container Purchase

  • 12 monthly gifts of $375.00 would fund the Wood-Mizer Saw Mill

  • 12 monthly gifts of $499.92 would provide funding for the  Double Stack, Full Size, Convection Oven