Upcoming Explore Jr Programs

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Explore Jr. will be held 2 days a week this fall. Tuesday and Thursday, two times a month. The cost for the week is $30.00.

The cost of attendance includes snacks and materials. When registering, you will have the option to attend as a chaperone at no cost. You will also see the option to bring younger children who are not yet old enough to participate. Again, they may attend at no charge as long as you are staying. 

We will have brown bag lunches to send with any children whose parents would like us to. Lunch for both days is $5.00. 

Each class runs from 9am - 12pm, and again will no longer be held 3 days a week, but Tuesday and Thursday only. 


Explore Baking

March 22nd and 24th

Baking is science, math, art.....and delicious! We are excited for a week of teaching campers all about baking. At Explore Baking, we will provide an opportunity for campers at all levels of experience with baking. This is a great week for fine motor skills and self-expression, but as usual, we will have time for outdoor recreation and play as well.