Foster Family Camps

The Foster Family Camps are a two-day getaway for the families who have bravely stepped forward to support the children and teens that need placement in loving homes. Camp Ara understands that foster families need support and encouragement to help them succeed. If that is you, we want to provide the opportunity for you and your family to explore the outdoors, grow together, and be inspired by other families sharing a similar adventure. 

Who is eligible?

The Foster Family Camp is for any family with an active foster child placement in their home. New and seasoned foster parents, one or multiple children, and blended families alike, this weekend is meant for you.

How do I apply?

These programs are provided on an as-needed basis in partnership with local foster care agencies. If you are an active foster family and are interested in participating in Camp Ara’s Family Camp, contact us directly and we would love to work with you at a discounted price.

How can I support this program?

Camp Ara strives to raise funds for the programs dedicated to serving the foster care community to make the cost as low as possible. Your contribution and support of these programs makes a HUGE impact! All donations with the ID #ARAFOSTERCARE will be dedicated 100% to Camp Ara foster care programs. If you are interested in helping as a volunteer at one of these events, click the volunteer button below.