hatchet homeschool camp

"Not Quite Summer" Camp

February 21 - 26

It's like summer camp only better! Mid school year camp for homeschoolers. Escape from the usual homeschool routine and join us for a week of exciting learning as we live the story of “Hatchet”, by Gary Paulsen!

Spend the week discussing literary themes from the book and learning the practical survival skills. Learn how to build fires without matches, set traps for wildlife, navigate with a compass, build a shelter, and more, through activities like:

  • Survival skills – fire starting, shelters 

  • Local wildlife experts with exhibits

  • Nature exploration

  • Outdoor cooking

  • Nature paint

  • Hatchet throwing

  • Sledding

Participants can arrive as early as 5pm on the 21st. Checkout will be at 1pm on the 26th.

*To get the most out of this week, reading the book before attending is recommended!

Cost of this camp is $350.00 for the first child, ONLY $100.00 for any additional attendees, chaperones, or younger siblings!  This includes all food, lodging, materials, and activities.