Teen Overnight Camp

June 26 - July 1 
5th - 8th Grade

Whether it's their first time at camp, or they've been a time or two, Camp Ara's summer camp promises to be a unique experience for your child. For anyone 6th grade to 12th grade looking for a memorable and exciting week, summer camp in the mountains of Fairmont, WV is the -perfect choice! 

From waking up with their bunkmates, breakfast in our dining hall, which is guaranteed to come along with a song or two, to hiking Camp Ara's beautiful 80- acres of trails, testing their physical abilities on our 2 obstacle courses, and putting their teamwork to the test on our team challenge course, their day promises to be full of outdoor adventure!

Our 5-acre pond is the perfect place to have some fun racing their peers in a canoe or kayak (with lifeguard supervision, of course,) spend time practicing their tackle skills baiting hooks and fishing for the ever elusive 3' fish that live there. Basketball, volleyball, frisbee, tag, arts and crafts, slingshot golf, our slingshot target range, axe throwing and bow shooting are only some of the activities that your child will get to do while at Camp Ara. 

Our teen campers will each have the opportunity to hike out one of their camp nights and sleep in tents or hammocks with the other teens in their camp. It will be an exciting adventure learning about the nature they are surrounded by, dinner by the campfire, s'mores, and some tried and true campfire stories promise to make it one of the highlights of their week! 

If you are looking for a weeklong adventure for your middle or high school child, you found it! If you have questions or are looking for more information, or if you'd like to meet the staff or see the campus, give us a call at 304-915-0060 or click the chat button at the bottom of your screen.  We are here to help! 

Price for Teen Overnight Camp is $525.00* per week. 

*Plus Tax. Military and Sibling Discounts Available At Registration

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Waldo Photos

We don't want you to miss out on all the fun they are having. We take a ton, and I mean a ton of photos of our campers. We use an amazing service called Waldo Photos to help get them to you. for $10.00 you will have access to a system that using facial recognition, sends you notification's all week as photos of your camper are uploaded. There, you can download them and share them to your heart's galore!  You will have this option at registration. 

Popcorn Theater

The Geedunk

The Camp Ara camp store, or Geedunk, is open daily while campers are on campus. We have a multitude of snacks like popcorn, and nachos, amazing drinks including frosted lemonades, soft drinks, lattes, frappes, and merch like hats, shirts, hoodies and more. We have moved to a cashless system, reducing lost cash or credit cards, and the touching of shared surfaces during COVID.  You can make a deposit when you register your child, under Camp Store Deposit.


Suggested Packing List

You're going to get dirty! You're going to get wet! You're going to go through a lot of clothes! It's going to be a blast, but we also want you to be able to be as comfortable as possible! Check out our list of suggested items for camp.

The list below is only a list of recommended items and optional items. Items with an asterisk are highly recommended so that your camper can have a good time with minimal discomfort. 


  • *Sleeping bag or blanket or a comforter  

  • *Twin/Cot Sheet sets (fitted, flat, pillowcases) 

  • Mattress cover (optional)  

  • *1-2 pillows  

  • Egg Crate/Mattress pad (optional)  


  • *8-10 Shirts (1-2 Long Sleeve)  

  • 1 Raincoat or poncho 

  • 1-2 White T-shirts  

  • *1-2 Sweatshirts/Hoodies/Light Jacket  

  • *2-3 Modest and appropriate bathing suits  

  • *14 Pairs of underwear & 14 pairs of socks  

  • *7 Pairs of shorts 

  • *Several Pairs of Pajamas 

  • *1-2 Pairs of long pants for hiking etc.


  • *1-2 Pairs sneakers  

  • *1 Pair waterproof boots or rain shoes  

  • *1-2 Pairs flip-flops (1 for shower)

  • 1 Pair sandals/slides - bunk use (Optional) 

  • 1 Pair water shoes (optional)


  • Robe (Optional)

  • *Shampoo/Conditioner/Detangle spray  

  • *Comb/brush  

  • *Sunblock for face and body  

  • Loofah or 4-6 Face towels

  • *brush

  • *tooth paste

  • *mouthwash

  • *Body Soap  

  • *floss  

  • *Bug spray   

  • Hair accessories/headbands

  • *2-3 Towels   

  • Deodorant  

  • Plastic shower caddy to hold all shower products

Misc/Creature Comforts

  • Laundry Bag (labeled with camper’s name)  

  • Flashlight 

  • Stationary/Post Cards/Envelopes (pre-addressed)  

  • Stamps  

  • Extra Batteries  

  • Pens/Pencils  

  • Battery-Operated Fan  

  • Lingerie Bag (for socks and underwear)  

  • Sunglasses  

  • Reusable Water Bottles (labeled) 

  • Folding Chair (optional)  

  • Shoe box/Sm plastic container for art projects (Optional) 

  • Costume/dress up materials for special activities (Optional) 

  • 1-2 Hats One Large and One Small  

  • Disposable Camera (Optional)

  • Tent Optional (For overnight Campout)

  • Cards/Games/Books (for bunk time) 

  • Shoe Bag (Optional) 

  • Necessary eyewear - prescription glasses or contact lenses

  • backpack

Prohibited Items

  • Food

  • Weapons of ANY kind

  • Electronics

The above items are NOT PERMITTED on camp property. If a camper is found using any of the above items, the item will be taken by the staff and stored in the camp office to return to the parent/guardian.

Storage & Packing

Some great packing and storage ideas for while at camp:

Heavy Duty Foot Locker

Camp Trunk