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 Military Support Programs are very important to Camp Ara. Shay served in the Navy for eight years, separating in February of 2020 as an Electronics Technician First Class. He served as an instructor in Virginia, and as a communications technician on a destroyer in California. He traveled around the world on deployment, with his wife Leigha and three kids supporting him as he stood the watch. Andrew retired from the Navy after 20 years of service. He was also supported by his wife Jennifer and their five children. His story was also like most until deployment in 2015. Now Andrew was not on the front lines like the many of our brave men and women who are, but Jennifer did receive a call at one in the morning one night in September. It was early where Andrew was, he would regularly ride his bicycle or run to work while he was deployed to stay in the best shape that he could. He would do so with a good friend and partner at work. That morning a tractor-trailer would be distracted and jump the curb and change Andrew’s life forever. Now his story is breathtaking, but that will be for him to tell one night when you visit. This story is how his later recovery, loss of feeling, loss of memories, battle with pain and the medicine supposed to help him, and the struggle with the job he loved so much, fading away. The experience and lessons that he, his wife and kids walked away from those years, is something that they want to help others in similar situations get through and maybe even prevent. Not all life events are the same, and deployments and the service always coming first is more than enough of a reason that we know you will get something out of these programs. Do not wait, Send us your information below for all updates on upcoming veteran events!