Our mission at Camp Ara is to create a culture where anyone can explore the camp experience, grow with others, and be inspired in a Christian environment, year-round.



Our vision is that children and families from around the world will explore an unforgettable experience at Camp Ara. Our goal is to provide the same experiences to children in foster care through several dedicated foster programs. As Navy veterans, Camp Ara's founding board seeks to serve those who have served, by providing veteran programs that help them and their families physically, mentally, and spiritually. We hope that our Christian values will glorify God through everything that we do.



God First
Community Involvement
Intentional Relationships
True Character


These values are the foundation of our decisions and actions that make up the Camp Ara experience. They are a part of our culture and set our standards to ensure every camper receives the same quality experience.


God comes first, and everything else will follow. Everything at camp is done to glorify Him. Our decisions, our actions, our integrity, and our expectations exemplify Him being first.


We value the importance of prayer through all seasons in life. Spending time alone with Him, time in prayer, time in His Word, and time in worship are the cornerstones of our relationships with Him.


We are grateful for everything that has been provided to make Camp Ara what it is. As good stewards, there is careful consideration and absolute respect for everything we manage to provide a safe and unforgettable camp experience to all.


We are blessed by those around us who support our mission. We value giving back to the community through programs, community service, and education.


We form relationships in small groups. We value our staff to camper ratios over the total number of campers. We also recognize that our time with each camper is short, so relationships with our camper’s families and support groups are just as important to us.


We go to great effort in being examples for our campers and staff by being honorable and having integrity regardless of circumstance.