Seasonal Programs

As a year-round camp, not only will Camp Ara hold summer camp, but it will also have programs for each season to provide more opportunities for children, families, and groups to experience the outdoors and camp in a Christian environment.


Spring Programs


Summer Programs


Fall Programs


Winter Programs

Winter, December through February, will round out Camp Ara's seasonal programming calendar. Camp Ara will expand its outdoor programs to accompany the change in temperatures and weather. The grounds of the camp will provide unique winter activities during community events, retreats, and winter camps. Specifically, Camp Ara will host a winter survival retreats, and develop a curriculum to cater to a winter homeschool camp.

As the summer closes and school starts up again, the fall temperatures in West Virginia are still conducive for a lot of outdoor activities. September through November will be Camp Ara's fall programming season. This is an ideal time of year for Camp Ara to host retreats and community events that appeal to the outdoor enthusiasts looking to experience the change of seasons in the mountains.

The Summer program season at Camp Ara will be June through August and filled with eight weeks of summer camp. Staff week will kick off the season with intensive training for all Camp Ara counselors and staff, along with getting the camp ready for first summer session. Following the eight weeks of summer camp, Camp Ara will begin with one week of dedicated foster care summer camp, gradually increasing the number of weeks as the demand and resources grow.

Spring in the mountains of northern West Virginia typically begins in mid-March.  For this reason, Camp Ara's spring schedule will include programming March through May. In addition to the draw of seasonal white water rafting, spring is ideal for consumers to escape their busy lives and experience the mountains in full bloom.  It is an opportune time to provide community events, retreats, weddings, rentals and to dedicate time to the foster and military support programs.

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