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Operation - 

Foster Care Package

Christmas care packages for fostered teens in Marion County, West Virginia

A Little Background

Andrew, Camp Ara's Executive Director, served in the Navy for 20 years. His career included more deployments than he can remember, but of the ones he does, care packages from home were always the talk and the excitement of the unit, regardless of whatever the working conditions were at the time. Most service men and women will share a similar testament to the value of a care package. Care packages come in all shapes and sizes to include food, clothing, music, hand written letters and more. 

The Need

Thousands of children across West Virginia are placed in foster care for many reasons. Some are pulled out of their homes because of drugs, abuse or neglect. Sometimes it is because of disciplinary reasons or for reasons that none of us can imagine. These children unfortunately can bounce from one home or facility to another. The staff, volunteers and generous families do amazing work with these children like they are their own. Like any program or family unit, some things are restricted by ability or funds. The Christmas season, although biblically centered around the birth of Jesus, is celebrated to resemble humble gifts of love just as God sending His only son to earth. Together, we have an opportunity to bless even some of these children with humble gifts of love. 


Many will ask, and maybe you are wondering too. In working with many foster care agencies, prior state employees, group homes and foster families, we have learned the importance of these children's livelihood and safety to maintain their privacy. Additionally, these children can be placed in different homes or facilities with very short notice. We can share that we actively are working with 90 teens in the foster care program within Marion County, WV, home to Camp Ara. Our goal is to provide care packages for 100 teens in this season. All of our teens as between the ages of 12 and 18. They are about equally split between boys and girls. In addition to being respectful of where they live, we are being respectful to their names as well. All of our care packages available are for "Adams" or "Eves" and they are all between the ages of 12-18. 

Foster Care Package

What should go in these? Well if you are unsure, we encourage you to reach out to us and ask. We will add a FAQ section on here as those questions are asked and answered. In Andrew's time in the military, he always remembers his fellow service members being as anxious as he was to open the care package. Baked goods were distributed among everyone, games were played together and so on. With that said, some of these Foster Care Packages will be going to group homes and will be loved by not one but many. Some suggestions on your care packages include keeping it between $25 - $50, think of items like board games, playing cards, hygiene packs (yes some kids, even in our family, love getting their own shampoo, conditioner, new loofa or whatever fits them), snacks (must be individually wrapped due to health concerns), winter coats, fun restaurant gift cards (for group or family pizza parties etc.), hand written letters or drawings and of course toys of all kinds. We wish we could identify every specific need for these children but the truth is, the children in one home today, may not be tomorrow. Ultimately let it be a care package of love for a child away from home today. 

How and When?

Fill out the form below with all of the required information. Bring your unwrapped care packages to Camp Ara before December 18, 2021. Stay tuned to our social media pages and websites for follow up and delivery of your care packages to the precious children in our community. 

Not Local? No Problem!

If you are not local to Marion County, WV, or you are unable to get your package to Camp Ara prior to December 18th, then you have some options. 

1. Mail your package or have it sent direct to the camp from online stores such as Amazon. Please address packages to:

ATTN: OP-Foster Care Package

Camp Ara

235 Glady Creek Road

Fairmont, WV 26554

2. Make a financial donation (recommended $25-$50 per care package) to Camp Ara and message us on our website to let us know it is for Operation - Foster Care Package. We will coordinate with a specific family or group home to ensure a care package is provided on your behalf. Donations can be made through our website here or via our pay pal.

How Else Can You Help?

On December 18th, Camp Ara is hosting a date night. We will be wrapping all of our care packages and organizing them for delivery. (no specifics will be available to any attendees to maintain privacy with all of the children and their homes) You can sign up for this here. There is a $20 fee per couple and child care is available for $10. 

Have More Questions?

Feel free to contact us at 304-915-0060, message us on our website, or contact us through Facebook at @awayatarawv. 


Operation - Foster Care Package Form

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