Family Fun

The Skys The Limit Family Retreat

April 23 -25

You will experience breakthroughs in a new way with your family, and you don't have to be a "rocket scientist" to do it. Although you will be closer to becoming one after this unique family retreat! Enjoy the weekend bonding and spending quality time with your entire family in a safe and unique environment. 

Allow the staff at Camp Ara to handle all the details. No deciding what to cook this weekend, or what movie to watch. We plan every detail. You'll be busy having fun instead of stressing about the everyday things. You'll leave feeling refreshed and closer to your family. You can't lose!

Camp Ara only allows up to 5 families for our retreat weekends. This way each family has their own separate room for sleeping accommodations. Masks are required when indoors in a shared space or if outdoors and social distancing can not be maintained. We strive to ensure your safety at every event! 

You may check in as early as 5pm on Friday. Departure is 1pm Sunday. All meals, lodging, and accommodations are included for up to 3 people. The cost is $299.00.  Each additional family member will be $45.00.